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The Washington Auctioneer Association, established in 1976, is a professional association designed to address the ever-changing needs of the auction industry at the state level.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to personally invite you to become a member of the Washington Auctioneers Association. By becoming member, you will join a group of professional auctioneers who are committed to:

  • Supporting you in your professional career
  • Supporting high standards of professional conduct
  • Increasing the visibility of the auction profession throughout the state
  • Keeping you informed of important industry news
  • Developing friendships and networking opportunities
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Membership Includes

  1. Quarterly copies of “Auction Talk”, the official newsletter of the WAA
  2. Company listing on the WAA Web Site
  3. Ability to post auctions on the WAA Web Site
  4. Access to the Members Only section of the WAA Web Site
  5. Official Membership Certificate

Membership in WAA gives you a voice in the future of the auction profession!

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Employees or spouses of Auctioneer members who are not auctioneers.



Individuals who are not auctioneers but involved in providing goods and services to the auction industry.

Important Links

National Auctioneers Association
The World's Largest Organization of Professional Auctioneers.
Washington State Department of Licensing

This link will take you directly to the Washington State Department of Licensing's Auctioneer pages.

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