The Washington Auctioneers Association is the organization for the professional auctioneer who performs auctions in the State of Washington. It was established in 1976 to allow a medium in which the professional auctioneer can stay abreast of auction procedures, education, license law changes and other events that effect the auction profession.

The Washington Auctioneers Association is the only trade association in the state working specifically to help you. It was formed by auctioneers, to serve auctioneers.

Washington Auctioneers Association’s Purpose

To provide a means by which the members of the auction profession may coordinate their efforts for the advancement of their profession and/or services relevant to the auction industry.
To establish the highest standards of business ethics among its members and to promote equitable trade practices in the auction profession.
Develop through responsible promotion, new understanding and wider acceptance for the auction method of selling.
Represent the auction profession before all departments/agencies of the State of Washington and other public and private organizations whose activities affect the profession (does not act in an attorney capacity).
Improve the efficiency of service performed by all segments of the industry.
Collect and disseminate information relating to the auction profession to members and the public.
Contribute to the progress and advancement of the auction profession.

Recent News & Events

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